Mr. Carlt

Way back in the days of youth group, I hung with a group of six young ladies. We called ourselves Mr. Carlt – Martha Rose, Crystal, Amy, Rose, Lyn and Twylene. What fun we had together! Lots of laughing, deep discussions, life-changing prayer, crazy escapades. We still try to get together on occasion, although we have a missionary, globe trotter, nurse, two home-schooling moms, and a foster mom among us.

Yesterday was one of those days. WE MISSED YOU MR AND A! It’s so refreshing to be with old friends. They know most everything about you and love you anyway, they know when you just need to vent that there’s no need to be horrified at the words coming out of your mouth, they care about the life-changing and mundane events in your life. Though most of us are at different places in life, we still make it work. I love it! I’m so thankful for it! I’m blessed because of it!

3 thoughts on “Mr. Carlt

  1. Yes, it was lovely. Ahhhh. I’m looking forward to the next time already! And so excited that we decided to make it happen more frequently!

  2. Missed you all, too! Would’ve loved to slip out of my classroom (and country) for a day with you. The blessing of our friendship is more clear to me now that I look back than it was when we were in the middle of our youth group days. I thank the Lord for all of you!

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