Still thankful

This post is a reminder for me on a day that isn’t going very well. I don’t really feel good. The children have been naughty? Oh.My.Word. They have been into everything they shouldn’t be and have played very little with the toys scattered from one end of the house to the other! B, who has been doing very well with potty stuff, peed on the family room floor. I have lost my patience and temper more times than I care to admit. So, I need a little lecture………………….

January was a long month. Normally I don’t really feel that way…time goes so fast. But we all took turns with the stomach flu (Sheldon and I both had it the same day), the children have had perpetual colds, Ryan has slept fitfully the last two nights, I’m tired, I’ve had a cough for almost a month that I can’t seem to shake, the doctor can’t get me in today, because of a new computer program they couldn’t even tell me if I can go in tomorrow, I’m going in to QuickCare this afternoon, I think I have bronchitis, but you know what…I will choose thankfulness!

I have the most incredible Daddy in the universe who loves me and gave His only Son for me. I have a husband who helps with a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g around the house (trust me I mean that!) and loves me even when I’m crabby. I have three beautiful children who, even when they’re sneezing and dripping and puking, are still my favorite little people to be around EVER. I have a place to go to the doctor. I have a doctor for our children if I need it. Medicine is available. I can pick up God’s Word for encouragement anytime without fear. I have two supportive families. My trip to QuickCare will be a break. 🙂 There’s money in the bank. There’s food in my freezers, pantry, basement, and fridge. My cleaning got finished last week. 🙂 My children are all napping at the same time. Termination of parental rights is scheduled for B next week. Ahhh, I feel so much better counting my blessings!

Life is good. God is good. But I’m still praying February is a healthier month.

4 thoughts on “Still thankful

  1. I will pray that the next few days will see much improvement in your health and also that the cjildren will be happy and content. I can still remember those days even if my memory does seem to be slipping sometimes. Hope to see you all March at Vasy and Tims wedding

  2. Twilene, you sound like your dear sister, Suzette! She is always looking on the bright side of life, no matter what her circumstances hold. God bless you for choosing to be thankful! I will pray for better days ahead for you! Love ya, Jewel

  3. hugs for you, Twylene! Thanks for the reminder to count the blessings and give God praise in the midst of whatever. Love you!

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