After a busy week…

So after the busiest week we’ve had in awhile, I am grateful it’s Saturday night! Today’s gift search was for three gifts from God’s Word. Although these aren’t taken from where I’m reading right now in my daily devotions, they came to my mind…

I am thankful for the promise that when I come to Jesus, He will give me rest! With lots of help this week, the strawberries are finished (50 lbs of them), peas were done three times, Summer Bible School was enjoyed, two days of excursions were completed, and this mama’s tired! Rest sounds delightful!

I am glad that God established a day of rest every week. This kind of goes with the previous one, but I’m so glad that tomorrow is Sunday and I don’t have to tackle any projects!

I’m also glad that God promised wisdom to all who ask…our children all seem to be going through challenging, “need lots of wisdom” stages right now. I’m sure this will always be the case to a certain extent, but it seems to ebb and flow a bit. Right now it’s flowing! 🙂 But we don’t have to do this by ourselves…God will fill us with wisdom to get each of these little souls to the other side of childhood!

Yesterday I was to search for an unexpected, unlikely and unwanted gift. I decided that it will be F’s sudden interest in potty training. Although this is unexpected and unlikely, it is certainly NOT unwanted! 🙂

We will go on working with joy!

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