Of fizzy water, breezes, and little boys

This was such a good, relaxing Sunday! I wasn’t feeling that great because of a nasty cold, and I’m afraid I had little energy to make this a special Father’s Day for Sheldon. 😦 I’m hoping to celebrate him later in the week because we sure to love him!

When I read my joy dare for today, I had to smile. I was searching for three gifts moving…all I had to do was look from one child to the other and there they were! 🙂 But I decided to be a little more creative…

  • One of my our children is especially a “mover.” Rylan blessed our home in March of 2011. He was not a “fun baby” mostly due to a severe acid reflux issue. He was fussy, smelled bad most of the time, and not very cute. (Sorry, I’m just being honest here…big head with no hair and eyes much too large. He has since turned into a very handsome, little man! :)) Some people may fall in love with any and all babies at first sight. I do not. It took a long time (and I felt a little guilty) until he found his place in my heart. Trust me he has captured a large part since then! We suspect a small ADHD problem…he’s constantly moving and his attention span is non-existent for certain things. But I know someday, if we can only channel this energy in the right direction, he will be a mover and shaker for the kingdom of God…Rylan is #1 on my list of gifts moving!
  • The cool breeze blowing today. I love wind, I love cool weather, and I have thoroughly enjoyed most of this summer so far. Every day that’s not hot is one day closer to fall in my opinion. Before you think I’m wishing the summer away, I’m not. I’ll just be glad to see the September page of the calendar! 🙂
  • The bubbles in my glass of seltzer water. When we moved to Romania, we quickly learned that you don’t just ask for a glass of water. You need to distinguish between “still water” and “gas water.” And neither of us really liked apa minerala all that much. That changed somewhere over the time we were there…I guess it’s a taste that grows on you because we both enjoy a tall glass of fizzy water sometimes. I did just that this afternoon!

The nap was wonderful, the coffee delicious and the Taste of Home magazine enjoyed! I’m ready for a joy-filled week…how ’bout you?

One thought on “Of fizzy water, breezes, and little boys

  1. I’ve done the Joy Dare off and on for the past 2 years…but definitely not regularly for a long time now…I still tend to look for the joy, but have gotten out of the habit of looking at my paper for the specifics…I should do that again….

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