Catching Up

The last 10 days have been busy, I’ve been recovering from a double ear infection/sinus infection, and we spent the weekend at the cabin. I’ve discovered something. The times you don’t feel like counting your blessings are the times you need to the most. When you force yourself to sit down and think about things from God’s perspective, it changes your perspective. Last night I was feeling a little blue, just tired from the demands of life. It was amazing how, twenty minutes later after catching up on my “Blessings Journal”, how much better I felt! So here it is…

June 17 – Gifts in My Dad…this was a hard one for me. I never knew my dad since he died when I was just a baby.

  • a heritage of faith and a good reputation – everyone who knew him tells me that he was a good man, someone they were privileged to know. His relationship with God was passed down to me and I’m so thankful. I don’t have to wonder where Daddy is…I know I’ll see him someday soon. And I’ll have eternity to “get to know him!”
  • my black hair and eyes 🙂
  • security – Daddy might not have been in our home, but I believe the relationship he had with my mom, the trust they had, spilled over into our lives while we grew up

June 18 – Gifts From My Heavenly Father

  • grace and the plan of salvation
  • the blessing of marriage and the gift of my husband…don’t know what I’d do without him!
  • His Word…God doesn’t throw us into a dark world with no instruction manual and I’m so thankful

June 19 – Gifts I Became in Serving…to be honest, I felt like I was anything but a gift to anyone today. I felt so sick, so exhausted, so grouchy. But I did…

  • pack Sheldon’s lunch
  • spend time with my children
  • make a hot meal…I so wanted to call Sheldon and tell him to get pizza on his way home. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) But I knew we’re trying to tighten our budget up (thinking about school tuition soon…scary thought!) and so I decided there’s no reason I can’t mix up a casserole of some kind!

June 20 – A Gift Bent, Beautiful, Loved

I looked all day for something currently in my life, but my mind kept returning to Grandma B’s hands. Oh, to hold them again…someday there will be a reunion! They were bent with age and hard work, but beautiful because they served and loved and embraced life!

June 21 – Gifts Found in Light

  • Our campfire at the cabin
  • Fireflies…summer’s not my favorite season maybe, but I do love catching fireflies!
  • Warm sunshine (not hot, just warm :).)

June 22 – Gifts That are Difficult

  • Being a mother
  • Infertility…I need to write a post about this sometime, but what we thought was second best has turned into the best blessing in the world!
  • Losing someone I love…when my sister Lynnae died, I learned to hold dearer those I love, to trust God in a new way, and to let go gracefully. Heaven became sweeter and memories turned golden. I wouldn’t choose the road of grief, but I have learned from it.

June 23 – Gifts Found Around a Table

  • We were at the cabin with my family. Although we missed those who couldn’t be there, I am thankful for new memories made and time spent together.
  • My little family…we join hands and I think, “Why does God trust us enough to send these broken little lives to us? How can we love them, and teach them, and help them heal?” And I’m thankful for these gifts, and thankful for God’s power in our lives.
  • Food…I don’t think about where our next meal will come from, but some people have to . I don’t worry about putting my children to bed with hungry little tummies because there wasn’t enough…but some mothers have to.

June 24 – A Gift in Water, Words and White

  • Water…it’s hot outside. I’m thankful for cold water. I remember every time we were somewhere with Arthur Good and he asked the blessing on the meal, he would say, “And thank you God for good water to drink.” Probably I take this gift too much for granted.
  • Words…”I need to run tonight and pick up a trailer-load of hay. I’ll take the children; you relax,” said my understanding husband. They were delighted to go away with Daddy. I was delighted to have a quiet evening to myself! 🙂
  • White…my cheerfully blooming daisies.

Today I’m hunting for gifts in someone older than me. Hmm…will have to think this one over! So even if someone is sick, or the washline crashes to the ground fully loaded (happened yesterday!), or the children have a hard time being cheerful, I’ll just be here counting my blessings! 🙂 How ’bout you?

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