What My Sisters Have Taught Me

As I thought about yesterday’s “gifts in someone older than you,” I thought of my three older sisters. I am blessed to have three who are/were Godly examples. Here is something I’ve learned from each of them…

Suzette – I remember her saying, “If you only do in life what you feel like doing, nothing would ever get done.” I have always admired her dedication to her family, her motivation and her ambition. She gets so much done in a day, but also finds time to invest in the lives of her family. I am also challenged by the way she invests time in missionary ladies’ lives…keeping in touch, praying, just letting them know they’re not forgotten.

Lynnae – When I was fresh out of high school, 18 years old, I lived with her family for three months as a “maid.” We laughed, cried, made so many good memories and I treasure them! One thing I’ll never forget is the time she took with her children. They were more important than anything else in her day. I want to be that kind of mother. She lived well, fully…then she died well too, faith-filled to the very end. Can’t wait for Heaven!

Gerrene – There are eight years between us and we fought, oh, how. we. fought! Then magically one day (maybe when I finally grew up :)) we clicked. One of the things I admire about her is the patience and understanding she gives their special-needs daughter. I think she carries a burden heavier than any of us really understand, and God trusted her to take care of an extra-special child. It’s a gift given to the few who are worthy. She does it cheerfully and we rarely hear her vent (although if she needs that we’d listen! :)) Her reward in Heaven will be great!

There’s nothing quite like a sister and I was blessed with three!

And today’s Gifts in Fabric…

  • my cheery new Ikea apron (how I love that store!)
  • the ribbons and fibers I use as I catch up my children’s life books (that we’re supposed to do when they’re foster children. Ahem. Two are adopted and one almost…yes, I’m a little delayed.) I love to scrapbook!
  • the overflowing closets, drawers, and totes full of clothing. We are blessed!

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